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The official DASH website was called Shop D-A-S-H Online and it was live in early 2008. This was the official DASH website of D-A-S-H clothing online. The website was in the early stages of development at that time and probably not well attended to due to the major success of the nationally syndicated reality-TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians DASH was growing fast.

The website was temporarily put under construction in March of 2008 and inaccessible to the public until further notice. When relaunched in April of 2008, it was apparently not well received. The prices where high end and inventory listed was small. Very small. The DASH website at that time consisted of various brands of Boutique Clothing and Accessories. Many items on the DASH online website were over the $500 range.

The Era of Shop DASH Online was over by late summer of 2008 when the website “vanished” out of thin air. There were problems and other things were happening so, eventually a new online shop website will be unveiled for DASH.

There Is No Official DASH Website Online To Buy D-A-S-H Products

Over three years and still no DASH shop online. When it does come back online, you can be sure it will be a BIG budget project with all the bells and whistles of a good online shop of today. In the mean time, and due to the popularity of the show; K-DASH is available through QVC.com and the Kardashians now have a line with Sears. They probably don’t shop there, but you can find offshoots of the DASH clothing line there. Bebe is another company that has got into the Kardashian Klan. They have a small offering of clothing products in comparison to QVC or Sears. Ebay is always an option for those seeking DASH or one of there related lines of clothing, swimsuits, apparel, and fragrances. Until further notice, this website will remain listed as a DASH homepage for informational purposes only.

dashboutiqueclothing.com is an Un-Official DASH website.

dashboutiqueclothing.com is for informational use only. We do not guarantee any of the information presented here to be reliable

dashboutiqueclothing.com is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the D-A-S-H label of Kardashian brand clothing or television program.

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72 thoughts on “DASH Website

  • Jodi

    Could you please tell me the brand of the purple two-piece bikini that Kim is wearing in Miami on the cover of Life & Style magazine. I really, really like it. Jodi

  • anna gomez

    I like to see your clotheing line, Please email me. I love how Kloe dresses. I would love to dresses like her.Her clothes are very syles. I am a big woman to, and I love the dresses i seen her in and the jeans. So please email me the site so I can shop there..

  • Rebecca L. Miranda

    Hello i just wanted to say, I love you all I watch your guys show all the time.I would love to work for you guys I have been in retail for 6 years has a Co.manager for Delias and Victoria S. I a mother of two:) I would want nothing esle but to work for you guys. I live in Boynton beach f.l Please no I would love to work for you all. God bless thankyou for your time if you read this thankyou .. Love Rebecca Lee Miranda

  • Anne Jollymore

    Can Brenda call me she served me while I was down and I would like to purchase another item in your store. Your mailbox is always full and know one ever anwers your phone. Brenda I am from Toronto I purchased somethng for my niece and my daughter you showed me a dress I would like to purchase. Could you get back to me please. Anne

  • Robert Lade

    Hi there, I was very excited to see that D A S H is coming to West Hollywood, (la.curbed.com) I was hoping I might get an opportunity to introduce our mannequin line to you . We are a local mannequin manufacturer, we produce everything in the lovely City of Industry and really produce some beautiful product. If you have a moment to check out our website, http://www.patinav.com or if you would like, I could overnight you some hard copy catalogs. We would love the opportunity to help you produce an amazing new store. Take care and much love to the whole family. Best, Bob Lade for Patina-V

  • debbie grohs

    Really Girls! I love the show and watching all the fashion and styles but my 26 year old daughter just got back from Miami and brought me a mirror compact as a souvenir from your Dash store and I went to take the price tag off and it leaves behind a sticky residue that even soap and water wont’ take off. She paid $20 for this and it’s the quality of something you’d expect from the .99 cent store. No wonder Kim wanted to oversee what was going on, I don’t think she would have let this fly. I can’t imagine even sticking it in any of my nice handbags without any piece of paper or tissue sticking to it! It’s really annoying and tacky…..Please change your price tag labels!

  • sylvia

    i live in Texas and don’t travel much. I was wondering where could i get or order one of your white DASH t shirts..i see them on your show and would love one..i love how down to earth you girls are..Thank you for your time..

  • Indira

    hey, my names Indira Melisa. Im really a big fan of the whole Kardashian and Jenner family. I went crazy looking for your DASH store today around soho, right after i fineshed attending classes, and i just couldnt find it. but when i get there im sure to buy lots of stuff. ! -

  • Jennifer

    Crazy question, I know, but I was really curious if you were ever hiring, or could be any time in the future. I’ve worked in retail before and am very interested to keep it up, and have a great passion for clothing. I have an eye for helping people find clothing that would look good with their body structure and physique. I hope I could be of interest and that you are looking to hiring an energetic sales representative or assistant. Please get back to me if your interested!
    Much appreciation,

  • krysta stokes

    Please come to Dallas! We need your fab fashion line here I the big D! I have run multi specialty retail stores and would love to see Dash in the big D!
    Much love from Dallas!!!!

  • josephine

    Hey ladies, i love u so much. Iam in africa(kenya) and watch you everyday and my dream is to own my own clothing line. However, i love your style and wd love to purchase some clothing unfortunately cannot do it online. pse advise. I love u. josephine

  • josephine

    Hey khloe, u such a cute couple with odom, kourtney congs , u now a baby gal, i also have one called melanie, kim love yo enterpreneurship skills, admire you and wd love to help me make ma dream a reality. ALL U GALS R BLESSED. NEED YOUR HELP COZ I CAN SUPPORT MYSELF FINANCIALLY. I WANA BE A FASHIONISTA LIKE U, PSEEEEEEEE. JUST LACK THE DRIVE, SKILLS AND PEOPLE LIKE U WHO R SUCCESSSFUL TO SHOW ME THE WAY

  • Saoirse

    absolutely in love with the Kardashian clan. I was catching up with ‘keeping up with the kardashians’ and rob was saying about a store in London? please bring your business over to England. we.need.clothes.like.this.

  • Natalia fragoso

    Lindas, amei os modelos e as estampas.
    Visitem o Brasil, voces tem muiitas fãs aqui. Mason vai amar conhecer o BRASIL principalmente as praias. Saudeeee. Beijos e felicidades..
    Amo voces! Rio de Janeiroooooooo…

  • Maria (UK)

    Your clothes are now in London Thank You but everything likeable is sold out on line and in stores. Please look at your marketing process.
    Help mum Kardashian

  • sharnita

    You guys need a store in philly or at lease have a online site so people like me can buy your product I love your clothing and have to access to purchases..

  • LenoraGoehner

    Love you Kardashians…Beutifull gurls sll of you.If you ever need 6 Beutifull sisters to model I follow you on twitter and check out my facebook.Beutifull andy daughters all look alike too.Anyways Love you gurls.Great work..

  • Kelly Groom

    I absolutely love Kourtney’s leopard print silk kimono wrap she wore in season 7 episode 5. Can you please tell me where she got this?

  • ashily

    I would like to see your clothing line if that is possible… I am looking for a pair of really cute high heels for my prom this year and i was hopinh D-A-S-H can help me find that perfect shoes. thanx, much mahalos

  • Amanda

    Went to miami for a vacation was excited to go to the dash store and when i got there i realized ALLLLLL the clothes were made for people that are like 6 feet tall, and a very little selection of clothing. I was very disappointed when i left and would like to know if you plan on making clothes that petite woman could wear. Hopefully you do it will produce more buyers like myself.

  • Shelia Waide

    Myself, four other girls and a guy are headed to Miami. I have insisted we visit Dash. After looking at the website, I noticed that you do not sell items with the Dash Miami name on them. Do you have items in your store for tourists to buy? I am looking for a nice beach towel or large beach bag but it needs to say Dash on it. Let me know and we shall see you Thursday.

  • wendy

    I’d like to know where I can buy kourtneys hey doll outfit she was wearing in the episode Kim hired a private investigator please

  • Yvonne

    Hi, I’m from south africa, and since I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve gotten addicted to your shows. Think SA is a few seasons behind but still love watching every Episode. Love all your close and I know u get al lot of requests, but I think it will be so cool to have a D-A-S-H boutique in SA with my sister-in-law doing nails in the boutique – the D-A-S-H style!!

  • Dezire

    hi klhoe, Kim, kourthrey Kardashians i was just wondering if you have bought a store d-a-s-h to the UK because i was looking at he clothing you sale i would like to get something nice like a dress for wedding that i’m going to let me know thank you bye i love u all Kardashians.

  • Laura Judge

    I’m going to 2 weddings this year but I need some nice dresses but a there isn’t an online DASH I can buy on because I live in the UK what shops do simular dresses to ones at DASH stores

  • rita sarpong

    Hey Kardashian girls I love you guys so much and I never miss your reality show. Congratulation Kim for the new bouncing baby girl. My dream is to meet you guys one day. I want to shop at the DASH store but unfortunately there isn’t one in Worcester Massachusetts. hope you guys will take this into consideration and open one in Worcester. love ya’ll.

  • Dawn Deutsch

    Hi Girls & Mom,

    I myself am opening my 4th store on Friday August 2nd. My Web designer suggested I start a blog for more exposure to my web sight. I was very hesitant, working 60 hours a week. Do I need to take on more?

    After reading some of these questions on this sight I decided, Hell No! So I thank you for giving me the insight to be happy with what I have and keep my personal life to myself. Don’t know how you girls do it but you are to be commended. Best of luck always…..Dawn Deutsch

    PS- Congrads Kim!!!!

  • Michelle Eadie

    I brought a Kardashian bag used it a few times and the zipper broke now cannot get anyone to fix it and no warranty. What a joke I have brought bags for a quarter of the price and not had a problem. Now have a bag I can’t use will never buy another one.

  • meloney cameron

    Khole I watch your show every week, I hope and pray you and your lam lam have baby soon. I think you and Lamar are an amazing couple, good luck to you both from Arkansas City Kansas.

  • Caitlin

    I wonder if the Kardashian could come to my birthday party in march :)

    I f any of the Kardashian sisters see this contact me by email please!!!!

  • alex

    My name is Alex and I have a collection of amazing amazing amazing hand draped cocktail dresses. I went to CSM and graduated via LCF in London. I love love love love your store and I was wondering if it’s possible to get your buyers name and email. Would love to send your buying team my electronic press kit. Alexander King Chen, is affluent in style, Über glamorous, and rich in construction. My signature style of meticulously hand draped sexy cocktail dresses, both instantly recognizable on and off the red carpets, has blown out of control amongst celebrities in Taiwan giving Alexander King Chen a name synonymous to the stars.

  • Sandra

    I was visiting from uk on hoilday to Florida , went to dash store in Miami thought it would b nice to get a present for my step daughter she lfollowes u all , so went into the shop wasn’t sure on uk sizing , asked for help , they was so ignorant in the shop I felt in the way there was 2 guys, 2 girls, a bunch of excited girls came into shop , there attention went onto watching them , which I understand , in the end I bought the top , got it home bought medium dash top ,black with white writing , which is really nice , just think they need manners to b more helpfull with customers , spend little time helping people !!!!!!

  • Riley patrick

    I love u guys I’ve watched all the shows. I think u guys r role models to me I have three sisters and have 2 brothers me and my family have problems but we make up all the time and I’m Riley patrick

  • Roseline Ejiofor


  • maryam

    I would like to have an appointment with one of the Kardashians regarding the new natural skin care products from Germany. I really appreciate if some one contact me. you can also visit the website at aryalayaus.com

  • eunice wamboi

    Dear sir/ madam

    my name is Eunice from kenya, am a designer for hand made beaded leather sandals and beaded leather belts,i was given your contacts by Mellisa sarmento of commerce department at the kenya embassy in Washington D C, our products are of higher quality and very good standard ,i have attached the relevant document for our company, please advice if you are interested and we will be ready to do business with you,thank you in advance and i hope to hear from you…regards…Eunice.

  • Jessi Haight

    When are the Kardashian’s going to start designing wedding dresses? I’m engaged to a General in the Army and would love to have a wedding dress designed by the Kardashian’s

  • pattie bryant

    Just a ideal for the k sisters! make a dash tshirt for unisex! and yolo and yolk? yolk stands for you obviously love kardashian or the girls name with the k at the end. Hope you all like. just saying? keep up the good work! all of you? deserve a spot on the walk of fame. also? sell the uni shirts @ sears also. Hope you all like yolk!

  • Debbie

    I would like to know why the lace jumpsuit in the Kim Kardashian Line is pictured on Sears.com web page but is not available through Sears (seems as though that is false advertising). The only place I can find it is on line thru a merchant in Europe and the shipping cost me more than the jumpsuit. This is so frustrating I ordered it in a size 8 and it’s way too small I can only assume that the size 8 was not in US sizing although the website didn’t specify. Returning it will cost me another 25$. Is there anyone I can contact to see if it is available in the USA for exchange?

  • Anne Marie Naude

    I am fromSouth Africa I was on holiday over December in New Zealand. My daughter bought me one of the Kardashians handbags for Christmas, 2013 today 18 January 2014 my handbag handel lost one of the clips now I cannot use my brand new handbag. My hart is just breaking as I will not be able to use it. Do you have any advise for me it will be highly appreciated. I just love my bag.

  • Nicole

    Please open a DASH store in Australia! Every time I watch KUWTK and see the DASH store, I die a little inside knowing I can’t shop there because I live on the other side of the world. DASH would be HUGE in Melbourne :)

  • Yessica Mendez

    Your killing me smalls! Lol you’ve got to get a website up and running to browse your collection. It’s killing me every time I see you guys wearing something amazing from dash and I can’t buy it!!!!! Any who keep it up! Loves ya!!!!

  • Clare Harding

    How to I apply? I just moved to California and I love fashion! I am trying to get a job in a great fashion store! Any suggestions?

  • Marija Milenkovic

    Im from Serbia and i would like to know if you are interested to expand your DASH empire all over the world…
    I live in Serbia and i would like if you are interested for expanding in EURO countries… And i would like to be your representative in my country and in rest of E.U….
    You have my mail and can contact me whenever you want.
    Thank You.Kises

  • Kristina

    I was just very interested in seeing if there a process set up that I could go through to potentially be an intern?

    Please get back to me,

    Thank you for all your help,

    Kristina Lindas

  • Maria del Carmen Cabrera

    HI THERE !!! I live in South America, in Ecuador, a small country but a big follower of the Kardashians. I would like to know if you guys ever had the idea of bringing Dash to South America. Will love to talk business if you are interested. We have one Paris Hilton store in one of the malls in the capital city of Quito. I´m sure it will be a great success.
    Awaiting your news !!!