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Opened in November of 2010 D-A-S-H Boutique in Soho/Manhattan NYC came into the international spotlight with a grand opening that was seen the world over. DASH New York was the third of the DASH boutiques and offers more upscale New York fashions. The popular E! reality-TV series Kim and Kourtney Take New York helped expose DASH New York to the world and the location remains a stopping point for many of New York’s local and visiting population.


DASH New York
19 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-2646

DASH Clothing New York Address – Phone – Hours:

  • DASH New York Address:119 Spring St. – New York, NY 10012
  • DASH New York Phone Number: (212) 226-2646
  • DASH New York Hours:
  • Monday – Saturday: 11am-7pm
  • Sunday: 12:00pm–6:00pm

DASH New York

DASH New York is located on the cobblestone streets of the SoHo district. The Boutique is often seen from a distance with small crowds outside the door. Paparazzi and Celebrities are known to be seen from time to time at DASH New York and this tends to gather small crowds of interested passers bye. On a typical day the area is fairly quiet and the store is business as usual.

Kim Kardashian is a big promoter of DASH New York and often tweets about it on the official DASH Twitter @dashboutique

DASH NYC Product Line

DASH NYC product line appeals to upscale New York style. Shoppers at DASH New York can expect to find high-end boutique clothing and accessories including handbags, dresses, boutique jewelry and even tuxedos. Selections of sharp style are in the house of DASH New York. D-A-S-H brand classics are present; however, products at DASH New York / SoHo location are mostly upscale. Tourists and shoppers alike visit this D-A-S-H Boutique daily. more focused line than the other two DASH stores. DASH New York is more exclusive attire and has little in the way of everyday casual. DASH New York and other D-A-S-H products are exclusive to those physical locations. You will not find the items from DASH NYC online.

See Ratings & Reviews for DASH NYC location.

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38 thoughts on “DASH New York

  • Jill Frobeen

    I was online yesterday inquiring about your NY store and I was at one of your websites and viewed a video of a collection of winter boardroom and nine to five clothes. You also had a video of winter clothes I really liked. I live in Ohio and my daughter lives in Hoboken. I can’t find this today -please send me the link. I have purchased for her Layfayette NY and Anthro – wanted to purchase today something.

  • Gina Cuadros

    Hi DASH New York , Are you going to have a store in The Washington , D C area ? Because i live near the area . God * * Bless , Gina Cuadros . >

  • Chantele Hester

    Hi there
    I hope someone reads this but I am living in Australia and I have looked on this website so much but I cannot buy anything off it as they don’t ship overseas :( I recon it would be soon great if you guys opened up a dash store in western Australia :) that would be just soon awesome.
    Plus I am I huge fan of Kim khloe and kourtney..
    Thanks xxx

  • Libby

    Hi Kim and kourtney I’m a big fan I would really like to talk to you (by email) please send me a email you might the key to making all my dreams come true

  • Karine

    Hey girls !

    I’m a French Canadien from Quebec province. Tonight, I’m heading to New York City…. I will for sure go to DASH stores when I get there. And maybe in DASH Miami in January ! Hope to see some of you Kardashian sis ! I’m learning English by listening to your shows. So, please… no coarse language ;o) Karine

  • Megan & Maddy

    My friend Maddy and I love your store Dash. We are taking our first trip to go see your New York store in the middle of March. We have watched all of your shows and idolize all of you. We were wondering if any of the Kardashians are going to be there when we are! We would absolutely love to meet one of you!
    Maddy and Megan

  • denise

    such a big fan of ur shows im irish .. gud luk with ur good news kim hope everthing is all and well xxx
    denise and her 1 yr old boy sonny xxx

  • Louise Menzies

    Hi girls..I am heading to Florida (from bonny Scotland) in October for my sisters wedding..we are going to be spending 3 days in New York before heading back home..I will def come visit your store and would love to know if you guys are likely to be around..would be fab to say hey :) hope you are all well..Louise x

  • Lilliana

    Hey kardashians I luv the clothing line you girls have for sear I’m always looking into the new items that comes out.When I heard you guys were gonna open a boutique in my city New York I was very excited but when I went to the store the girls working there are very nasty they don’t take put attention to what you are asking(item).They never picks up the phone.I just wanna let you guys know,but I’m still gonna buy the clothes on sears I know is not the same quality but I’m not going to buy an specific piece were people don’t treat you good.
    I hope you guys do something about it.

  • Judy

    Thanks to the staff at the NYC store, very helpful, went there to get something for my sons girlfriend….I was exhausted due to my MS and the girl at the counter was so sweet to help me out…..thanks for not judging me, I had my running shoes on due to my illness, cant judge a book by hits cover for sure! Got lots of cute things for her……See you next trip!


  • Christine

    Love the Kardashian’s but your website(s)…Oiy! Tried to shop online and couldn’t get to any of the individual store sites and the Shop Online site was under construction w/ a “Coming Soon” banner. Any business that wants customers and to make it needs to have an online presence. Was disappointed, first because I have a wedding to go to in NY and wanted to get my dress ahead of time online from Dash and second because the family is all about being good business people. Not a good way to represent yourself. Just made my purchase from Top Shop.

  • Corinne Hernandez

    Took a trip to NY making sure I get in a visit to “Dash” as I am a hugh fan and wanted to take back to Cali a little memorabilia (key chains, pens, etc,,) as I have not had a chance to visit your shop in LA.
    Note: The personnel in this store DOES not match what your family represents…no friendly atmosphere what so ever…!
    The store is lovely ladies – great job!

  • Hien sansan claude

    Hello sisters kardashians I am a passionate young Ivorian fashion and in my country are much followed your program here, I am writing in order that you think has opened a shop in your country, I can assure you that this is a very good idea, in my country we love fashion, your beautiful shoe, I seriously want to be your are exclusive in this beautiful country, I thank you and I hope that I will have a favorable response to this result thanks!! May God protect you and your sisters I love you!!

  • Jada Aquila

    Hi kardashians I love
    You guys especially kim and I love your stores and wanted to know if you had any high heels also i wanted to know if kim you can stop in on Friday at 3ish my name is jada i am8years old I watch your show all the time you guys and your so pretty kim can you bring kendall and kylie whith you !!!!!!!!’i am obsessed whith your shoes because whenever I see shoes I love I ask my mom and she always says your too young I have one growen up pair size 5 12 also I follow all of you on Instagram I love mason penolope and north can’t wait to see season 9 on keeping up whith the kardashians I heard on YouTube your quitting keeping up please don’t that is my life and only show I watch I also want to see your house one day also I see your videos on YouTube once my mom went to dash Miami and got me a kardashian book a pen Candall and bag with out me .we have the same agastralage Sign and I love buying magazines about you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!love you kardashians:):):);(!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christa

    I am flying all the way to Ohio from Nova Scotia at the end of this month, and i will be driving through New York. I will be stopping in at the Dash store to take a peek, thats my only reason for going to new york.

  • Cassy

    Hi kym kourtney kloe Kendal and keili I live in Wales in the UK I really want to come to the USA , but it costs a lot of money and I have a very big family so we can’t afford it. It’s too expenceice. I always watch ‘keeping up with the kardashians’ it is amazing.!!!! But as I am a member of the Church If Jesus Christ Of Later Days Saints I would like a little less swearing plz!!!!
    But one day when I am older me and my friends are going to come out to you and come to your store

  • Debbie

    Good Morning~

    I was at Dash New York this weekend and found it to be very dirty! The rug on the way in was worn down to wood, there were nails hanging out of the wall and a bit messy. Very disappointed!

  • Amy kelly

    Hi ladies, i sent an Email about a purchase i made in your New York store on Sunday last. I hav’nt got a reply yet. If someone could get in contact that would be great. Amy


    I am disable but I love your family I think you guys are amazing I wish I could make you a nice Puerto Rican diner any I would to shop on line and see your product could you please put an online shopping site

  • Rosa

    I was recently in New York and we visited many stores in Soho including Dash. There were four people standing in the center of the room, I assumed employees, and the store was not what I expected. Let me just put it this way….I was embarrassed for the owners. I wish Koutney or Chloe would be there to make sure the store is presentable. Clothing was dangling from the hangers and the employees just standing. I would have loved to seen nicer looking racks with a variety of affordable items for your fans. I know the store is small yet it has great potential and two employees would suffice. A beautiful floral arrangement in the center of the room would look nice. I was not impressed. You need to hire employees who care about the product you are selling or passionate about fashion. Maybe a fashion student.
    Hopefully next we visit New York and stop by the Dash store things will be better. Good Luck.