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The New DASH Miami is set among a stunning area of South Beach and is a busy international tourist destination. Most of the time the DASH Miami store itself, is moderately busy. On occasion there can be a large crowd, like for an event. Here you will find beach style fashion as you would expect in South Miami Beach; Sobe. The new and improved DASH store is much larger than the old shop and offers a stunning modern decor. Parking in this area can be challenging under normal conditions. The winter season is busy season, so plan ahead for parking.

DASH Miami has Moved!

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DASH Miami – South Beach – Address – Phone – Hours:

  • DASH Miami Address: 668 Collins Avenue – Miami Beach, FL, 33139
  • DASH Miami Phone Number: (305) 531-8484
  • DASH Miami Hours:
  • Monday – Sunday: 11am-9pm

New DASH Miami Store


The new DASH Miami Beach on Collins Ave


The new DASH Miami
668 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-8484

DASH Miami Staff

DASH Dolls” refer to the DASH staff. The Kardashians try to select local girls who are passionate about and know South Beach Fashion. If DASH Miami had a larger clothing selection, it would probably be the most popular DASH boutique. For the time being, DASH clothing LA is still the highest rated of the D-A-S-H Boutiques among DASH fans.

DASH Miami Store

At DASH Miami you can expect to find platform Kim Kardashian shoes, short skirts, and of course the accessories to match. Handbags, boutique jewelry, womens belts, and several other must-have accessories when visiting South Beach. DASH Miami of course, has swimwear including hot bikinis that are oso common on South Beach. Sunglasses and other beach gear are part of the store product line. DASH has an extensive line of fashion accessories in comparison to that of its womens apparel selections.

Old DASH Store


The Old DASH Miami FL – D-A-S-H Boutique on Washington St

South Beach Miami where DASH Miami originated, is also a popular spot among tourists and Miami locals alike. The nightlife on the blocks surrounding 815 Washington Ave are full of clubs, discos, cafe’ crowds dining outdoors, music, and lots of people. That DASH store stocked many stylish fashions were a great fit for the local culture. The downside was that store had a limited inventory selection and crowds could at times become too large. More and better space was needed for the new DASH.

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Fall of 2012 was an exciting time for the DASH store in Miami. The Kardashians were in town for the recording of their reality TV show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. The show premiered on E! in January 2013. If you have something to comment about DASH Miami, please do.

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74 thoughts on “DASH Miami

  • Stephanie long

    If your hiring for a full time position I would love to send you my resume. I’m currently living in Oklahoma & I’m looking into moving down there. I’m currently 22 & a Store Manager at aerie by American Eagle Outfitters. Hope to hear from you.

    -Stephanie Long

  • Leah Exum

    Hello wonderful Dash staff, I will be in Miami Memorial Day weekend from the 25-28th and wanted to take a few of my girlfriends out to shop. I was wondering if you guys would be open this weekend and if possible would you take a few minutes out to talk with us about designing, modeling and styling. Thanks much

  • Jeremy Wright

    I wanted to speak to you all about some advertising opportunities I have in CITY Magazine that I think you all would be very interested and a perfect fit for. Please call me or email me to discuss more. Look forward to hearing from you soon.. Have a fantastic day..

  • Lori

    My sisters and I visited the Dash Miami store last week. We had money to spend and noticed a dress in the window. Unfortunately we never saw the dress or anything else in the store. We were ambushed by a man as soon as we walked through the door. He informed us that we could not touch anything because it was “for display only.”. I had an unopened water bottle and he wouldn’t let me take it in the store, even though you sell them in the store. I am very disappointed and will never enter your store again. If Dash doesn’t need my money, that is fine. I will not watch and will actively boycott anything involved with the Kardashian family. As soon as I complete this email, I will leave my comments on travel websites. I am very disappointed.

    • Ashley

      Thank you for the heads up… I will be down that way in October and Dash was a store that I was looking forward to going to….

    • Kel

      I’m from Toronto and visited the Miami store. It was full of tourists not looking to purchase anything and just take photos in front of the cash desk. I understand this would be extremely annoying for Dash employees, but the staff was not friendly at all…and yes I did purchase something.

  • Anni

    OMG!!! I love love love your show. I am 11 and that Is the only show I watch!!!!!!!!!! If u ever see this I love you guys ecpecially kourtney and Kylie. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley Marceca

    I Woukd love to work to the store and think I have great fresh ideas you would all love! I am a people person, neat freak, and also a stylist! I have worked in the modeling industry for 15 years as an model manager, still do! I know it is hard to trust people especially this and all your stores represent you! I would make sure that it always stays looking classy and with time you will see and trust. I do like to have open communication with everyone do there is no room for error. I am a mother of 2 kids so I an not interested in night life unless necessary! You have nothing to loose by interviewing me and sharing my ideas! Bible, I know you Really feel more at ease and everyone can go back to there lives with ease!!! Thank you!

  • DeAnna Storoe

    The NEW way to keep your jewelry organized! Let your jewelry dangle with a dangleboard! Custom hand made jewelry board with elegant hooks, crystal and hand dipped knobs displayed on designer fabrics or vintage stenciled burlap. Women and boutiques love the way their jewelry dangles and not tangles! Two sizes 12×24 or 24×24. Commercial dangleboards coming soon! Please contact us by email. We can do custom fabrics and sizes upon request. Great for the Holidays!!!

  • Martha Serezli

    Dear Owner / Executive,
    Verano High is a luxury swimwear brand founded in New York City in
    2011.Influenced and inspired by Latin-American glamour, the line offers an
    elegant and sophisticated array of swimwear and resort-wear designed to
    accompany woman of the world on her travels.Verano High designs are an
    eclectic mix of exotic prints, hues and sensual silhouettes.
    I have enclosed our latest catalog for your review.
    I would like to have the opportunity to visit your boutique, have a brief
    meeting with you at your convenience and show you our selective sample
    products and inform you about our very carefully set wholesale pricing.
    Please call me to schedule a meeting at your convenience.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon, I remain.
    Best Regards,
    Martha E. Serezli
    Verano High
    Sales Executive
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    Verano High Fashion Swimwear & Designer Resort Wear for Women

    Founded in NYC, Verano High offers an elegant array of women’s swimsuits and resort wear. Find the perfect bathing suit for your next exotic g

  • Not a fan

    Seriously, you can’t even have Khloe’s name spelled right on a website owned by the Kartrashians. How sad is that. Who proof reads this stuff? Read what is written under Dash Miami Staff and see what I mean.

  • Courtney

    I just wanted to say how excited I am to visit the DASH Miami store next month. I am from Tallahassee,FL. I have never been to Miami, I can’t wait to visit hope everything is well with you all!!!!

  • Sandy

    Hello, My name is Sandy and I am the Sales Rep for Fizz-ology, hand made, organic bath Fizz Buddy TM fizzies for toddlers through teens. Scents that leave your tastebuds-a-tingling! We are based out of South and Central Florida and I would like to invite you to visit our website and browse our wholesale line of bath products. Please note that there are no minimum orders just 6 units per design.

    Thank you!

  • Vanessa Nelson

    I need advice on what to do about contacting the store with a broken dashdool necklace which has snapped due to the heat of my skin warming the metal, it bent n snapped. Is there an email address? I am UK based!

  • Cara Nahabedian

    I just love you girls, I am the mother of a 9 yr old Armenian girl who looks up to you girls, and I am so glad that there are Armenian role models out there like you ladys for her to look up to. You have shown that our culture, can succeed, even after a Holocaust to our people that no-one admits too. Keep doing what you ladys do, keep showing her that she can be anything she puts her mind to. I just wish someday she could meet the ladys she so admires. Cannot wait until you have a website for DASH so we can show from our home, since it is so far from your store, and do you have a childrens line of clothes? If not you should really start one.

  • Denise

    just got back from my first trip to Florida. Left my 18 yr old daughter alone for the first time with our very sick 11 year old dog. promised to bring her back something from dash for taking such good care of the dog. We both love the show and always watch together. Actually is on right now. love your show!

  • Arlene Mendoza

    Kim,khloe, and Kourtney,
    This has nothing to do with the Dash store. I wanted to email you women and ask if you ever thought about opening a Child Development school for babies through preschool. I know all of you love children sooo much and it makes sense to consider that. It would also be nice for Kourtneys babies as well. I myself am a Child development teacher and I have been working with children for 25+ years and I would like to see that expansion of yours . I have many ideas for a Kardashian little folks school. I have always wanted to open my own school but I dont have the finances to make that dream come alive. I am currently living in Hawaii and everyday I make a difference in our keikis lives and working on their milestones. As I stated my dream has always been to have my own school where it will be so wonderful with flowers,trees, and insects for the kids to explore. Just a thought,

    Arlene Mendoza
    Stepping Stones Academy School/ Honolulu Hawaii

  • celena

    i love a kardashians family’s so i love dash please khloe speak to me you are beautifull more than all your sisters that is what i thing i love you so much i’m from cameroon i have 15 years old i think you don’t know my country because much persons don’t know it .excuse me me for language i don’t know speak english well

  • Samantha Bissonnette

    I’m a very hard working girl!! I love fashion and have managed a store before! I would put my hole heart into making your store the best it could be! I know the best work ethics there is to know!! Please get ahold of me! I love you girls!

  • Samantha Bissonnette

    Wow I would make dash happend all year around!! I know how to make your store the best store in Miami!! I won the finest store in Canada award! I know what hard work is all about! Please give me a chance.


    I was told the store is dirty and the staff is rude. This is definitely a bad reflection on the kardashian family/management. Says a lot.

  • Lorena Marinelly

    Eu adoro as roupas da loja eu tiver ai algumas vezes e simplesmente adorei prometo visitas mais vezes quando for a miami ……beijos de sua amiga Lore saudades mante um a braço pra tia Jenne…..

  • Deb MacKenzie

    Was recently in Miami and my daughter wanted to visit the Dash store. I was also approached by a man as I was considering purchasing a book and he told me they were for display only. We continued to look around the store and decided to purchase a Dash off the shoulder shirt. We asked for a small as they only had large on the table. The gal came back and told us they didn’t have any. Why wouldn’t you have your signature items in stock. Also disappointed with displays and pricing. Does not live up to the hype!

  • Toni Kresila

    Dear Kourtney, Kim and Khloe,

    Just wanted to say how disappointed my daughter and a friend were a visit to Dash Miami …. Which is the reason why we drove to Miami from Cleveland for. The girls entered the store and was not
    greeted with a simple hello or even a smile! They felt so uncomfortable and unwelcomed they left the store without a purchase grant you we are not rich people just your average middle class but they did have money to spend from their savings. I’m just really surprised because you Khardashian women seem very friendly, down to earth from the heart people and seem to have outstanding personalities! CLE still loves you though!

  • Jackie

    I went to the Miami dash store with high hopes and expectations because I love the dash store in LA, the store was dirty on the outside and in organized on the inside. I saw a cute skirt on a fixture by the window but the actual skirts on the table were dirty…I love the kardashians and I think they should talk to management about this…

  • Nicole

    I was most def looking forward to coming to the DASH store in Miami as I am making a trip to Florida next month. Def buying a dress, top, shoes and sunglasses if you have them. But i must say after reading all the disappointments these people have had with this store I’m kind of having second thoughts.. perhaps the girls should speak with management? Or has anybody recently had any good trips to the store??

  • Dawn Rodriguez

    Today Saturday, August 10, 2013 I took my daughter and several friend to shop in your Miami store. We also were very disappointed . We entered the store and was not greeted or even looked at. We spent about 15 minutes and not a employee ever tried to help us. So sadly I made my daughter and friends put back the shirts and we left. Really sad that my group of 12 year old girls were extremely disappointed. Since they love your show. I would never spend a penny in your store with such rude employees. Is this a really store??

  • J B

    Came to miami all the way from london UK. High expectations. 100% let down. Boring clothes and store. Overpriced for crap quality. Rude staff and made me feel very uncomfortable. Shameful show and bad reflection. Maybe it shows the true Kardashians and not what is perceived on tv

  • NMD

    Came to the Miami store during a visit from London. The DASH (diva) Dolls are so rude and make you feel so uncomfortable. You need to lighten up and stop taking yourselves so seriously. You’re sales assistants not catwalk models!! I can’t believe the Kardashians would promote this behaviour as it does nothing for the brand or the fans, who at the end of the day pay the dolls salary!

  • Marcelo Montoya

    I’m a student in a military university and interesting to get a summer job in MIAMI . do you consider one day to hire a Latino men ,5’11 fluent in Spanish, to help in you store. I love you all. Marcelo.

  • Sheldon Estone Kohl

    Hi Khloe listern my hart is going out for you with your pregnansy my uncle got somthing he mix that will make ur hormones go mad you will get twins after that if you need to get pregnan quickly that I no help so my cell no. it realy work beleave me.

  • Sasha Dufour Zeitoun

    Dear Madam,Sir,

    My name is Sasha and I from Paris,

    I am writting to you because I need to find an internship next summer from
    April to July and I am a girl who is determined to work in your company.

    Contact me on my mail

    I thank you in advance to take time considering my application and I am
    looking forward to reading from you.

    Best Regards

  • rick

    We were down there in December and my daughters purchase a DASH key chain. The “D” on the key chain broke off. What can you do for her?

  • Lori

    I visited the Miami store on June 9,2014.There were several women, young girls and one man in the store at the time. The man was questioned about whether he needed assistance and he explained to the salesgirl that he was looking for a gift and had no idea what to get. Imagine my surprise as a sales associate at a major retailor to see that he was left alone to find his way thru the merchandise. What an opportunity the salesgirl missed. The gentleman even asked me for assistance. This is no way to provide customer service unless you don’t want certain types of people in the store.

  • ely

    hello hope you all are doing wonderfull,how can i apply for a job at dash i im looking for work everyehere
    please email me and let me know thank you

  • Tes Saldana

    I am a vendor of umbrellas and we specialize in customization. I was wondering if you will be interested in our umbrella with your DASH logo on. I could send you more info or a sample just please call me at 888-691-6800 ext 202.
    Love and watch your show all the time and would love to be a part of Dash! ;0

  • Kambria Simmons

    Im Looking For Full Time Position . I Stay In Miami Gardens , Transportation Is Not A Problem . I Turn 19 In October & Working With You Would Be A Dream Come True .