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DASH Calabasas Has Closed!!

Apologies to anyone who attempted to visit DASH Clothing LA – Calabasas since the new opening of DASH Melrose.

DASH Melrose Is The New Home Of DASH Clothing LA

New hours for DASH Clothing In LA: Now Open Sundays!

The DASH Clothing LA Store, formerly known as DASH Calabasas – Is now located @ 8420 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. DASH LA-Calabasas, was the first of the three DASH Boutiques. DASH in LA HAS BEEN MOVED from the outer edges of Los Angeles, to the fashionable Melrose Ave location – a favorite area for high end boutique shoppers.

DASH LA first opened its Calabasas store in 2006. In early 2007, the new DASH store received national syndication on the E! network hit reality-TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. In the earliest days of DASH LA, it was considered a chic new boutique. Since several seasons of hit reality television exposure, all of the DASH boutiques receive some tourist traffic.

DASH Clothing LA – Melrose

For exact driving directions to DASH Clothing LA, double click the map icon below and type your starting location. Click the button on the right to find directions to DASH Clothing LA – Melrose Ave store:

DASH Clothing LA – Melrose – Address – Phone – Hours:

  • DASH Clothing LA Address: 8420 Melrose Avenue – Los Angeles, CA 90069
  • DASH Clothing LA Phone Number: (323) 782-6822
  • DASH Clothing LA Hours:
  • Monday – Saturday: 11am-7pm
  • Sunday: 12:00pm–6:00pm

DASH LA Product Line

The Kardashians’ California roots influence the DASH-LA Melrose product line. The skirts, blouses, handbags, and vintage-inspired jewelry represent the high-end boutique clothing and accessories that shoppers expect to find at the Melrose boutique store. The best sellers include casual California-style T’s and DASH brand sweats.

Shoppers who have visited other DASH boutiques will find that this location offers a wider array of everyday choices than either the smaller DASH Miami boutique or the more exclusive DASH New York location. The DASH LA Melrose and other physical locations each offer merchandise that is exclusive and which is not available online.

See Ratings & Reviews for DASH Los Angeles-Melrose location.

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DASH Clothing LA, 6.7 out of 10 based on 365 ratings

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80 thoughts on “DASH Clothing LA

    • KeepingUp Post author

      Sure, Just click on one of the See More buttons on a particular item and it will take you to the authorized Kardashian Clothing website, QVC for example. QVC ships to UK. Thanks :)

    • Mechelle

      Im n LA till tomorow, for my daughter 16th birthday her gift was to come to Dash store. Ive called several times and no answer. PLEASE have store call me at xxx xxx 0881

  • Moogie

    I think someone needs to work on the grammar, sentence structure and spelling on your website. Chic is not spelled “sheik” (or do you mean “sheikh”?). Many sentences lack either a subject or predicate. Sorry to say the work is not even good enough for an eighth grader.

    For example, here’s how you might re-write the paragraph above about the Calabasas store.

    The Kardashians’ California roots influence the DASH-LA Calabasas product line. The skirts, blouses, handbags, and vintage-inspired jewelry represent the “high-end” clothing and accessories that shoppers expect to find at the Calabasas boutique. The best sellers include casual California-style T’s and D-A-S-H brand sweats.

    Shoppers who have visited other DASH boutiques will find that this location offers a wider array of “everyday” choices than either the smaller Miami boutique or the more exclusive New York location. The DASH-LA Calabasas and other physical locations each offer merchandise that is exclusive and which is not available online.

    Good luck. Retail is a hard business.

    • KeepingUp Post author

      Thank you very much for your words, we have used them as per your suggestion :) Ever consider a career in copy writing? Web copy is an emerging field. Thanks again!

      • Lauren V Montes

        Wow the haterade follows every bit of yur legacy, Im leaving in my errors for fun. Heh heh. I’m pregnant and due in October. Am happy for Kim she’s fine and delivered! Enjoying looking at your site..
        Love you guys..
        Wonder if I can oreder online to, Im a high risk pregnancy and can’t really leave house. Carrying twins!

  • Christina Crain

    Hi there,

    First of all I would just like to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE DASH style. You probably get a lot of request like this but just never know if you don’t try. So here it is… I design jewelry and am just taking a little reach at a DREAM. How cool would it be to have some of my items in your boutique. I create items out of semi precious gemstones, glass, metal, chain & wire. My creations are fun, classy & unique. I like to make one of a kind items cause I believe every gal needs an item that is only theirs. I would love to send you dolls some samples if you would like. I am currently working on renovating my website but do have my facebook page with lotz of pics http://www.facebook.com/ccrainz1 on it and you can also follow me on twitter.

    Just message me where to send you some samples. :)


    I just wanted to say that I am proud of the fact that you have managed to ignore the ignorant and jelly people. I know that I may never in this life time meet a family that is so down to earth. And I can say that because throughout the seasons of KUWTK none of you have changed. You may have your dads last name but you have used it in a positive way. Just because he might have left you money, doesn’t mean he made you. He just gave you a boost and his blessing to do what you thought was right, and you did. Just shows people that you are human and have a brain to make your dreams come true :0) I hope you continue in your success and leave the negativity where it belongs, in the magazines. Hope to one day meet you and just share a laugh. XoXo

  • Lillie

    Hello there :), I’m going to a wedding and iwanna look great, what dress and accessories do you guys recommend me. :) I’m tall and ialways struggle finding a cute dress. Can you guys please help me.

  • Lucy

    My daughter and I just visited your NY store yesterday. Not to sure why u charge so much at that store when I can go to Sears for your things for less.

  • Brianna

    Hey! my name is Brianna and i am a manager at my current employer. I was wondering how it would be possible to apply for a job at DASH LA? Thanks !!

  • Tyisha Bonds

    Where can I mail fan mail to? The internet keeps giving me the DASH store address. Should I use that address? I have a cute little New Year Tutu to mail to Kourtney. :D
    Just being nice please reply


    estive ha menos de 30 dias no endereço de Los Angeles ( Rua Melrose ) e vi apenas uma lojinha simples , com outro nome e não DASH.. perdi tempo com isso., OU SEJA, NÃO ERA A LOJA DASH

  • ana

    Hii I hope you quyz are doiinq qreat I just had one question,
    Is there a website I can order your clothes online? I don’t seem to find a paqe in that thanks and have a qood day ♥ you quyz!!!!!

  • Christine

    Hi Ladies!
    Massive fan of you guys. Love your stores/products and have watched your dvds numerous times. You guys are so beautiful. I wish i was as beautiful and successful as you guys!!!
    I live in Australia, but was wandering if i could email you guys or even your mum to talk about small businsses?
    You have inspired me to look into opening my own store, with security of course (after watching your vandiliser!)
    I was hoping for some advice, and wandering if you guys stock your products in Australia???
    I really hope i hear from you!
    Best wishes! <3

  • Walid Popal

    Hi , my name is walid Popal . I am a fashion designer living in northern Ca,, I am originally from Afghanistan … I think we should work together and start designing a line which will please our creator Allmighty god .
    Thank you ,
    Walid Popal.

  • Alicia Arcuri

    Hi there,

    Big fan of you girls and what you stand for….also very much love the way you dress and the amount of Australian design you wear!!

    I run a label out of Sydney Australia, where we are stocked nationally in cool independent boutiques though are looking to expand abroad. How can we get in contact with your buyers to discuss stocking our label….? Our site for you to look through is http://www.pasduchas.com.au

    Hope to hear back from you

  • Ma

    “HIT OR MISS” lol  I know that all you Beautiful ladies (& gents) are SUPER busy, so I will make this quick! My husband and I have started up our own store in the San Diego area! It’s a VERY small (750 sqf) resale store. We carry new and gently used maternity, baby clothes, toys and baby gear and anything in between! We used ALL of our life saving for this dream to come true, we have 4 children-Destynie 16, Dominike 12-David 2 & Jesse 9 months. We are reaching to you ONLY and see if you would be interested in donating anything that your baby’s might not use or need! Please PM , & we total understand if u are unable to help us out! We will continue to <3 you guy’s!

  • Danica

    I just want to sey ” Thank you” for your TV show. You were my only siber ” bunch of friands” when i was in America 2 years ago:)
    Its a long story… I was crying with you, share a happy moments with you, travel with you and see a many many beautifull places on Earth with you. Sometimes you were my only things ” what to do tomorrow ” I am happy when i see you. Today, i am happy with my life to. You wore giving me hope when i was on the bottom of life, that the life can be so nice and beautifull. I like your style, make up, clothes, everything. I am very creative artistic parson. So… I wish you all the best to everybody!<3
    sorry on my english:)

  • Emilee

    I am a fashion major ,and I am currently doing research for a career matrix project, I was wondering if Dash offers any internships?

  • Maria Navarro

    Given the baby boom in the family, I think it would be an awesome idea if you came out with a line of orthopedic shoes that are both stylish and provide arch support for mothers on the go.

  • Mechelle

    Im n LA till tomorow, for my daughter 16th birthday her gift was to come to Dash store. Ive called several times and no answer. PLEASE have store call me at xxx xxx 0881

  • ana

    I have been calling the stores and no one answers. I want to applied for a job in one of your stores. I will like to have a response.. thank you

  • Sam

    Hey Dash !
    Was wondering if you have an opening for part time employment.
    I have a heart for fashion and do enjoy your clothing line.
    Just didn’t know if there were any applications anywhere online or is it a walk in and ask.
    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you.

  • Lauren Wright

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know, I travelled from Sydney Australia to LA and I had to check out your Dash store on Melrose and I wanted to let you know that the two lovely ladies helped me purchase some great clothing on Saturday the 1st of June at 4pm … They where very helpful and I love the clothes.. Only thing that would have topped it off would have been if you guys where there lol..

    Thank you and god bless..


    I just want to know if I can order online and have it shipped to WA? I also want the Kardashians to build a DASH in WA that would be great. Thank you have a great day.

  • maria

    1 have 4 children and am expectin my 5th i would like get something like maisons stroller that kourtney was using in miami but cant find nothing like it anywere kourney you are a wonderfull mother khole you are so cool and well done for making a good life for yourselfs

  • Luz Clemente

    Have you considered opening a dash store in México? you have lots of followers down here, you should think about it, it would be a great hit :)

  • Mari

    Hi I was wondering if one of the kardashions girls could help my family ? It’s a emergency please email or call – I pray I hear from you thank you

  • Doris Mullens

    Big fan of the kardasians wondering what sizes you have in clothes my husband says I can buy as a motive to keep losing with weight watchers congrats Kim on your first child

  • Lesley

    Ok gals, you’ve opened Dash Stores in 3 great spots…… What are the chances a Seattle Dash would open?
    Would the volume of retail sales balance or be greater to support a new store opening?
    Mull it over…let me know

  • Nicola

    Hey Lovely K’s
    Hubby and I are travelling all the way from Australia to the States for a second honeymoon (first time in the states) and I have factored in a visit to LA specifically to come to your store and buy something special for myself. Can I know if your store will be open in November specifically between 10th-17th? I want to plan my days and work around you guys. I believe you are all hard working woman with great work ethics and amazing drive. Such an inspiration to woman all over the world. Hard Work = Great Success Bless you all xox

  • Nicola Morgan

    Have just visited LA this week and of course dash would like to let you know what a lovely secuity guard you have there, didnt make you feel intimadated which was so nice thankyou from the UK

  • Fender

    My sister in law passed 10 days after giving birth to their first child due to C section complications and we are trying to raise funds to pay for the funeral and help my brother take care of his first child why he’s not mentally stable enough to work we are at 26% of our $5000 goal even five dollars helps if you guys can do anything even just sharing the link! thank you and God bless

  • Patty rodriguez

    I wanted to see if the store has any of the kollection from Australia, specifically the white sweetheart dress? I’ve tried calling to find out but no one answers.

  • Jjcutie

    Open letter: Used to love Dash but what identity do the KKK’s believe in? You do not practice , respect or uphold anything Armenian, nor are any of you black! This last Kim video is an insult to mother’s, horses, nature & sex. Tastelessly done, thoughtlessly crude & so disrespectful! Please borrow some clothes out of Dash next time you want to video tape anything! Also, so much hoopla bout the leaked video years ago, naked W shoot & now this? This is NEVER any role model for anything girls! So disappointing & disgusting :(

  • Tania Price

    Was trying to contact your store to present some exclusive baby items to you which are not found in any store. They are adorable, each design is a one of a kind. Please contact me so I can arrange to get some sample items to you. Thank you in advance.

  • MJ Frazier

    Dear Kardashian Family & DASH,

    I’m a single foster mom, with two toddlers (ages 2 and 4), and I’m also an entrepreneur “Jane of Many Trades” and inventor.

    Just want to thank you for the courage and close family bond that you display on your show. That is one thing that captured my attention and help set you apart from many other reality shows. May God bless you in dealing with some of the EXTREME situations that you have to live out in front of the public, I know this adds to any burden, but stay close and trust in HIM.

    Now, I have a couple of comments that I hope you’ll appreciate:

    1) These replies show OLDEST COMMENTS FIRST. When I first jumped on your site, I thought that your latest post was in 2012! – Can you please flip it around so that your NEWEST POST will show FIRST? I think it is more logical and meaningful for people who write or view the replies.

    2) I’m an entrepreneur and inventor. I’ve designed a specialty toddler’s hat that has a “very useful purpose” and was thinking of whom I might be able to work with to get it in the market place? Then, of course, I thought of DASH and it’s new children’s line. – Would love to discuss more!

    Kindest regards,


  • Kelli Lepow

    Hello K’s,

    Love all of you, but my daughter and I are totally in love with Mason. He is such a ham. My daughter graduates this year and she is the first grandchild to graduate high school out of the family. She lost her grandpa last year to cancer, but we know he would be so proud. Anyways, I have been trying to call DASH LA several times and get no answer. I have two questions. Do you sell prom dresses? If not where do you recommend? My daughter really loves your style and values your opinion and I know this would mean so much to her. Please email – my name is Kelli my daughter is Morgan and I’m trying to reach you from racine Wisconsin -yes we are cheese heads

  • Talia Sandoval

    Hey I’m just curious where I can keep an eye out for job openings? I love your store and I currently own a clothing company based out of Denver but I’m looking to move to LA. Let me know, thank you!!

    Talia Sandoval

  • Irene

    Hi Kardashians (I Thinks I Spelled It Right) But Anyways Is There A Way I Can Get A Hold Of Khloe Or Kourtney? I Need To Ask A Question. Please and Thank You.

  • Carlton

    Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored at work so I decided too check out your website on
    my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the info you prolvide here and can’t wait to take a look when
    I get home. I’m surprised aat howw quick your blog loaded
    on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, supetb site!

  • Megan

    It’s me I’m love the kardashins I would love u see u guys in person u all are so pretty I love u and I won’t to be a model when I grow up. I love watching the show keeping up with the kardashins and this is the only ways I could texted u I know your store dash and smooch

  • Taylor Johnson

    I recently visited Dash on Melrose and I was very pleased. I’m from North Dakota and I was only in LA for a week and I just had to visit Dash. I was so excited to go there and it was all I talked about. The store was very nice and luxurious. I bought a few things and love them. Keep it up! Love the Kardashians!

  • Debra Holloway

    Just want to thank all the Kardashians for letting us show off our handmade wood bikes in your new Store! You guys are awesome ! Hopefully one day we can meet you all! Watch your store every week, love it!
    Your new store is stunning. With the exposure you may give us, I’m hoping we can sell our one of a kind bikes.
    We can even put the Dash logo on one for you!
    Best Regards
    Debra Holloway
    Masterworks and Woodbike.com