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DASH by Kardashian is known the world over. If you have experience with these boutiques, or have a general opinion to inform others about DASH By Kardashian share your thoughts below. No one can deny that DASH by Kardashian has become a very successful brand in the area of women’s fashion apparel and accessories. The DASH by Kardashian Boutiques are major attractions in the three cities that they have opened. Everything that happens in the brand receives national exposure with the show and then subsequent media coverage of the show. This makes DASH by Kardashian a major industrial name. DASH by Kardashian was initiated in 2006 and in that short time it has become one of the most sought after designer boutiques in the world. What do you think about this? Have you ever visited a DASH by Kardashian boutique? We are curious to know.


DASH by Kardashian

DASH By Kardashian – What is it?

There are many opinions on why the DASH brand is popular. The show obviously helps with sales at the boutiques, but people seem to support the Kardashian sisters characters and the business as a result of that loyalty. What exactly is it? We are curious to know what draws you to DASH by Kardashian.

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On the top of the comment form below you can rate the brand DASH by Kardashian. Feel free to leave your thoughts as to why you like or dislike the brand. In a short three year time period, DASH by Kardashian has take the fashion industry by storm. It really is an industrial phenomena in terms of activity within a small brand. Most importantly, if you have personally had some type of experience with the brand DASH by Kardashian, please do leave a rating. Ratings help people to know where and where not to shop & spend their hard earned money.

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DASH By Kardashian, 7.4 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

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14 thoughts on “DASH By Kardashian

  • kasey

    I do not own any products from the amazing DASH , but I am waiting for the website so I can have tonz of amazing things… The fashion style is very sexy,compfy look, and so much more.Watching the kardashains on tv while they are at the store DASH, just makes it so much more exciting to live in tennessee awaiting for the website to start so we all can have that sexy something you can not find anywhere else…. lots of love for the Kardashain girls…. kasey G.

  • Angie Romano

    I LOVE watching the Kardashian’s every week and I LOVE the fashion styles of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim. It would be great to be able to see your clothing on line and get a chance to order. I live in Toronto Canada – there is one Dash Store but unfortunately the hours of operations do not meet my work hours. It would be great to have the store stay open late 1 night out of the 6 days its open.
    I’m a huge fan of your show and the entire family is awesome.

  • Sophie


    We love what you do, even though we live (comparatively) in a village, well far away. Love your clothes and style, but also like the fact you guys are a real family. I’m from New Zealand and I never thought I would write something like this, but when I saw an episode of your show it totally reminded me of my life!

    well whatever, good luck to you, be fun
    AND I think you are all remarkably beautiful



  • sam

    Question, have you every considered opening a Dash store in Canada, I think your store would do so well we don’t have much access to fashion like this people would go crazy. Downtown Halifax or Toronto would be the perfect place to do this.
    -From Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Nicole waters

    Hello, my name is Nicole I’m 17 and live in Liverpool, England. I love your show I literally watch it everyday, my mum knows how much I love all the kardashians so brought me a present back from your dash shop in newyork! I just wanted to say how much the kardashians are loved and looked up to. I think it would be amazing for you to open a dash is Liverpool I think it would be really successful as your family have such a huge fan base and is girls in Liverpool love to look glam and a ‘million dollars’ love Nicole xx

  • Mel

    I live in Southampton England, and I own lots of Kardashian Kollection things, I’m currently waiting for the Dash online store to open.. Is there anything for the near future for a store in London??

  • lafayeta kelly

    My name is lafayeta I’m 18 years old and I live in chicago, IL. I love your show I literally watch it everyday. I love each of the kardashians they are nice people and they show alot of people respect by helping other people out with their advice and relationships

    love you KHOLE

  • maureen bober

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  • Ashleigh

    Omg I love watching there show the fashions are just awesome I love them I am a massive. Fan I live in Australia my wish would to become as famous as. The kardashian family it’s hard and also to move over to USA