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When searching for DASH Online, beware. Beware at least until they relaunch a DASH Online shop. For the most-part, DASH clothing that is on the shelves in the 3 physical locations is not available online.

Official Kardashian Clothes available online:

  • Kardashian Kollection – Sears
  • K-DASH – QVC

The DASH Online Store never really got off the ground. It finally came to a total hault, when in the fall of 2009 ShopDASHOnline.com was taken down. There was no immediate or subsequent explanation for this. Keep Up with DASH Online info by joining our email list. Receive a monthly update on different flavors of Kardashian Clothing that is available online. When ShopDASH finally does launch, we will keep you in the know first. Stay tuned for the latest info.

Searching For DASH Online ?

When shopping online, be wary of potential counterfeiters. There are only a few authorized distributors of Kardashian brand clothing.  Kardashian Kollection are available at Sears as of 2011. Accessories such as Fragrances, Lotions, and Bathroom Accessories are more widespread with companies such as Kohls bearing items with the Kardashian name.

In 2014 the Kardashians and Sears have elevated the Kardashian Kollection into several other segments including prescription eyewear, home decor, and lingere. Another popular addition is KK jewelry that looks very stylish, but priced right. With an amazing Kardashain product line and styles everyone can enjoy, this is the best Sears Kardashian Kollection ever! In total there are over 1000 items now available to hold fans over until the coming of DASH online.

Shop DASH Online

Since 2012 when the homepage of shopdashonline appeared, fans of DASH have been awaiting an official online shop.


ShopDASHOnline has always been the offical DASH website domain

Despite there being no official DASH online shop, the Kardashian sisters along with Kendall and Kylie Jenner have a vary strong online presence where they often promote their various product offerings and media events. Keep up with the Kardashians on social media.

Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim Kardashian Gold Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Gold Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Gold Perfume by Kim Kardashian 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. The Kim Kardashian Gold Is Just Like The Celebrity It Is Named After. The Perfume Is Luxurious, Rich And Has A Full Body, Just Like Her. The Wearer Will Notice The Abundant Use Of Pink Pepper, Bergamot And Grapefruit, On The Top Note. Traces Of Flowers Like Jasmine, Dewy Violet And Tender Rose Can Be Detected In The Middle Note. The Bottom Note Is Enwrapped In Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber And Creamy Benzoin. Launched In 2011, The Golden Hue Of The Bottle And Box Further Enhance The Appeal Of This Gem For The Ladies.

Kim Kardashian Glam Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Glam Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Glam Perfume by Kim Kardashian 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women.

Kim Kardashian Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 1 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Perfume by Kim Kardashian, 1 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Kim Kardashian Perfume by Kim Kardashian 1 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. The Celebutante, Who Is Famous For Being Famous, Has Always Loved Perfume� Her New Scent For Woman, Is A Woody Floral And Will Appeal To Ladies Who Love To Be Stylish And Make A Grand Entrance. The Fragrance Is Composed Of Crisp Top Notes, A Heart Of Indolic Jasmine, Opulent Tuberose And Gardenia, And A Drydown Of Tonka Bean, Jacaranda Wood And Sandalwood

Kim Kardashian Gold

Kim Kardashian Gold

Kim Kardashian Gold by Kim Kardashian for Women – 3.4 oz EDP Spray

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian for Women – 2 Pc Gift Set 3.4oz EDP Spray, 3.4oz Shimmer Body Lotion

Kim Kardashian Shoes by JustFab

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95 thoughts on “DASH Online

  • Danielle Helm

    I really wish you new collection at Sears would fit a plus size girl. I mean I guess I could pour myself into an extra large, but that is not going to happen.

      • kass

        not trying to be rude but… of course you are going to pay more for plus size clothing.. there’s more material .. its confusing to me as to why you would think they should be the same price as smaller clothing..

          • Eljay

            HAHA, isn’t it funny, they want to charge extra for “materials” for the larger sizes. So using that theory, anyone who wears a size 4,2, 0 or petite any size, should get a substantial discount of say 20$ per item. Hmmm, that makes sense. I pay extra for tall clothes, because they fit me right. I don’t mind it. But seriously, get a clue, it’s just a way too make some extra money. Every designer/store does it.

      • Alex

        I agree that more clothing lines should be available in all sizes petite or plus sizes. However, if someone is a plus size the clothing should cost more for material, labour, etc. For example, a king size mattress will cost more than twin – the same should apply for clothing.

        • heather

          well how do you think we TALL girls feel? at least you guys can lose weight or go somewhere else like 4ever21 to get plus size stuff we cant change our height to fit these damn clothes they make everything for short ppl and plus size is everywhere you can find a TON!

          • Tatum

            this is true. i spend hours in a store trying to find the right pants. and shirts are always too short. plus sizes are carried in most stores.

          • Eljay

            I hear you! You would think every female is 5’6. I am only 5’10 and you would think that would not be such a hard thing to fit.

    • katie

      I agree. I thought the line was supposed include plus size women as well! The clothes are nice just wish I could fit them! XL is not going to cut it!

  • kirsty

    what size do you think i would need i am a UK 8/10 and i am wondering what size that would be in U.S.A please reply people also follow me on twitter @KirstyDashBiebs

  • alice collins

    i am from the uk and i am finding it really hard to purchase dash clothing i really want the dash sweatpants and have done loads of reserch to try and purchase them but i just cant find the right website that sells them, please help me!

  • Rebecca

    OMG i love this website and store you guys have the prettiest clothe but the most expensive too Lol i wish that if i go to dash miami maybeee you guys could be their to finally meet you guys i am a big fan of the big family rob khloe courtney kim kiley and kendal your mom and dad and all of you guyses boyfreinds and or husband or wife/ girlfreind @ rob lol yeahhh but i watch the show i know its old but i love it you guys should make new ones i miss it i want new episodes or seasons but i am a big fan and hope you can reply.<3 i live in palm bay you guys should visit:)

      • Julez

        I love all of your clothes that I see all 3 of your wear and have been wanting to go check out one of your stores. Are there any trips planned to the Miami Dash store anytime in the near future? Would love to say hi and meet you! :)

  • Mika Christina

    I’ve never been to the store but from what it looks like
    The girls have a great sense of fashion and taste, the choice of clothing they chose for their store is hip and classy, congrats girls! More success to you!

  • annie

    I’m in south africa and would love to buy dash clothing, so please can you distribute to some of our stores here…
    Keep up the good work
    Thank you

  • Yvette

    I love all of you. You all are so beautiful inside and out. I really love your style. I am a plus size girl who has had gastric bypass, and still don’t feel attractive. your clothes are beautiful and wish you carried your styles over into the plus size world. To find stylish and affordable clothes for the voluptuous is impossible. Please help us to look as beautiful and as confident as you.

  • Trish

    i just so wish that we could order some of this stuff online, i mean lets admit it Ladies the Kardashians rock and we we all love to order some clothing ect….. :D

  • T.J.

    I always send pajamas for Christmas gifts to my family and just recently found out how much my husbands 17 year old sisters LOVES Dash…Can’t find any KK or Dash p.j.’s to purchase for her tho, please tell me I’m just not looking in the right spot? Thanks

  • Henriet

    Hello girls! To begin I want you to know that the Brazilians love you so much and all your family. We are crazy for you, we have fun laugh and cry with the show on tv.
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, and love all of DASH collection. When the online store will start selling? will send it to Brazil?
    In January I will go with my family to USA and will in all Dash.
    Kim and Kourtney you are my favorite girls, and love everything about you, your makes, Especially the little Penelope and Mason!!
    Kisses to all the kardashian family

  • tina

    Hi kardashians girls. Love your show
    . Always watch it. I live in uk i can not find any of your dash clothing here. Your clothing range are beautifull. By the way all of you look preety. X

  • megan

    Honestly, I’m usually a medium or a large in most stores but when I went to Sears to try out the Kardashian Kollection it just seemed really large to me. I fit into an extra small. I was pretty stunned to be honest. I think it’s wonderful that the Kardashians are making an honest effort to help out the real ladies of America, the ones that aren’t all size zero toothpicks.

  • Selin

    As much as I love the Kardashian Sisters I find it a shame that their clothing cannot be Found in Australia.. I cannot even view the clothing that I see in the stores from the shows online. Such a big disappointment. I really think a DASH store should expand in Australia Sydney! You won’t regret it! :)

  • Angela Twiss

    Hey! I’m angela, and I just wanted to say how happy i am that you gys sell jeans in pettie, I’m a very petite girl a lot like kourtney! Somim really glad you guys took that aspect into consideration! And is there any chance you guys could maybe open a dash store in Seattle, Washington!? Well I’ll keep praying on it!
    God bless, Angela <3

  • Victoria

    I was wondering when the dash boutique website was gonna be complete because each time I go on it it still says website coming soon :( I know I should be patient lol but I thought it would be great Christmas presents for my cousins. Well anyways I love all of you Kardashian/Jenners I am a huge fan and watch all your shows. hope Kim is happy with kayne and kourtney is in good terms with Scott and hope Kloe and Lamar are good I love you guys and hope you guys have your website set up soon:).

  • Nicole

    Its not that easy just to ‘pop’ up a new store or ‘create’ an online shop, it takes more than just money. Obviously the Kardashians would want the most success for their DASH brand and shops. Im sure expansion is in the works for the DASH stores as we have seen in the past. They aren’t magicians who can just ‘click’ their fingers and pop up shops all over the globe.. Just saying !
    Sending LOVE all the way from AUSTRALIA xxx

  • alex

    ommmgggg hiiii kimmmm urrr sooo awesome im going to get some of ur awesome clothes. i reallyyy wantttt ttttooooo me to you guys khloe courtney kim kylie and kendall and yyour mom omg only if you could come to new york to dash and meet me i would be so happy but i think all of you guys are busy=( but I LOVE YOU KIM AND EVERY ONE ESLE UR THE BOM.COM LOL

  • JDG2010

    I have noticed more these days that a lot of stores make their clothes to only attract the skinnier crowd. It is sad that when a plus size woman goes to a store and the XL looks like a size S. I love the Kardashians and would love to be able to find their clothing brand Online. :)

  • Wiola GB

    Hi girls, its any chance i can find dash clothes online?honestly i could do anything (almost);) to have chance to buy them. i live in Scotland and is quite inpossible me to go to LA or Miami for shopping, so i am just wondering what i can do to make my dreams come true?;) BTW what a pitty you girls do not have store in GB we love yous here and we will go mad from happines !! well at least me,loads of love for all you familly and biggest successes ever you deserve the best xxxxxx

  • Ana

    Hi, I live in Romania and I’m a huge fan of you all, I also adore your way of dressing, it is my inspiration everyday !

    I would REALLY want to buy from dash, is there really no online shopping for dash? With everything you have in the store ( accesories, tops, skirts etc. ) I never saw a store because I didn’t go to America yet, but I saw it in the series and it looks really great, the clothes are looking fabulous. Please make a website for dash online shopping ! The site http://www.shopdashonline.com doesn’t work, it says website coming soon. When is it coming? If you are making a site, it would be great if the shipping would be worldwide, I’m sure I’m not the only one living outise US wnting to dress from dash..

    Please reply to this, I really REALLY want to buy from your shop and I can’t find it on internet. I wold really apreciate if you could reply to this.
    Thanks !!

  • Chantele from Aussie

    I was wondering I love these beautiful clothing but can’t figure out how to get any online I live in Australia and it won’t let me order any :( pls help??? :)

  • Inês Marques

    hello, i really love the collection Dash. Great job kardashians sisters. I really want your clothes but i live in Portugal. How i can buy the clothes?
    thank you
    Inês Marques

  • jessica from Wales

    Hi Kardashian peepes! Love your show so much, and I’m so happy your collection has come to Dorothy Perkins in the UK! The clothes are fab and i can’t wait to see all the new styles! Much love all the way from Wales, which i think you should visit one day! x

  • mahyra

    Hello I am interested in buying clothes of his line. I want to know since I can do to acquire articles of the shops dash am Colombian and am a fan of the family kardashians

  • Queenakia

    I am a 36 yr old mother of three looking to do a makeover. I am already confident with myself but I know with the right style of clothes I’m going to be…..THE BOMB. Lol Now to find them. I’m in NC so what’s the website for online shopping at Dash?

  • Chloe

    Omg I love your clothing, I have your bag and purse, I brought them when I saw you in London at westfield it was the most amazing day EVER you should have a dash store in London, I would be your number one customer would love to meet you three again xxxx

  • naomi norry

    Please kim, yu have made it, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, stop jumping on twitter answering eveything stupid thing haters write, they do it to “control” time out your life…stop, use your time for the happiness God has given you and Kayne, you look so good together, even boynce is jealous of you, get some self assurance, STOP lowering ur self to write and answer stupid people, you have made it, more people look for you and kayne than Ombama!!!
    stop explaining yourself to these nothing a*s people, be cool like you look, ignore them.be private, and cool, long as you know, God know the truth, ignore gossip. can’t wait to see the baby or babies, . you did it girl, you are the greatest, love you sweet attitude.

  • Ivana M

    I live in Croatia and sadly I don’t have opportunity to buy some of your clothes or perfumes. My friend lives in Miami and I hope that some day I’ll have enough money to visit her and to visit your store and buy some T-shirt, perfume, purse… :)
    Or you can open a store in Croatia!! I’ll be more than happy to work in the store :))

  • Ruthy tal

    Hi, I am from Israel and i wish if you have a.
    store here.
    I think you are great sisters and i love to watch you show.
    next time when i will be in USA i am for sure come to your store
    Ruthy Tal

  • Tyshai

    I went to Miami and went to Dash , the store was great even the guards ,but the workers were awful. They had no athusiasm or smile. They seemed very miserable. Itll make people not want to come back. But other than that iiii absolutley love it !!!! i raped that store ♥ keep up the good work , love yaaツ

  • Kim

    Hi! Me and My sister been watching Keeping up with the Kardashans and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami…We enjoy watching and my sisters and I Love every piece of clothing you wear (Kim,Kourtney, Kim and The Jenner Twins)…Is you wardrobe came from Dash? They all look great and elegant…sexy yet girly…:)

    We’re interested to buy the DASH T-shirt…We’re from Philippines, so I’d like to know where can we buy it online ?

    Thanks so much! :)


  • Jasmine Wright

    Its the same with snickers..I wear 5.5 in boys and pay $80.00 for Js but if i purchase the same shoes is a larger size im paying dame near $200..and why is that..the cost of material..I ASKED!!

  • Heidi Bauer

    On one of the last episodes of Kim and Kourtney take Miami, Kourt was wearing a pink jacket that said K-Doll on it. She mentioned it was sold at the store. My dad has called my daughter K-Doll since the day she was born, and I would love to get some clothing with that on there for her. I have searched through quite a few links and clothes, but I cannot find any. Could you please let me know where I can find these items. I live in Ohio so there is no DASH store close. Khloe and Kourtney you two rock!!! I love watching you.

  • Panticakes

    I personally shop per person for my product and do not charge more for plus sizes. I charge $15.00 for s,m,l-xxxL I wanted to share this with and invite you to my site, called Panticakes, I provide intimate wear and package it to look like a cupcake and the packaging is even scented like frosting I am not a plus size but i agree that I do not charge more for plus sizes come introduce your self xoxo www . panticakes . com
    or see me on facebooks under www. facebook . com / panticakes

  • Sherin Shamoon


    I own a fashion store in my city and I am pretty interested in selling your products therefore I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to do this and what would be the process, requirements and policies.

  • Lydia

    I’m Lydia Hamoen,
    I’m 13 years old ( almost 14 :D ) and I come from the Netherlands.
    My sister and I, are always watching keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim take new york, Kourtney and Kim take Miami, Khloé and Lamar. Anddd….. WE LOVE IT!! The new season from keeping up with the Kardashians starts here in july… I’m so exited!
    I know my english is bad but I hope you understand it. I love you Kourtney!! You are so beautifull and you know what you want and that’s so nice! I love you Kim!! What people say about you.. the are just jealous and ofcourse … congratulations to youre baby girl.. We don’t know the name yet but I dreamd that I talked to you and I was down because it was only a dream.. but Kim you are so blessed! And ofcourse I love you Khloé! You are such a strong woman! You are so damn beautifull! You’re futur daughter or son comes also.. everything happens for a reason.. and I understand that it is tuff, but you are a strong woman. And you are NOT fat!!
    I hope you girls read this.. i love you all so much!!
    You doesn’t have to answer but if you would answer, that means the world to me…
    i’ll be always there for you!!

    But you don’t know who i am so i understand if i don’t hear anything from you..

    love youu
    Lydia .

  • Gigi

    now this is just a thought…but…Plus size clothing is a specialty, like tall clothing. If you think it is easy for everyone “skinny” to find clothing, you’re wrong. There is no universal fit for clothing regardless of body size and shape. I’m sorry, but I work my butt off to be healthy and in shape as it is my profession and I can’t imagine plus size becoming the regular and average. It is not healthy and shouldn’t be accepted as such.

  • gabriela

    Hello,why do not you open a store here in Brazil?hope you answer me and l’m a big fan of yours l watch realyt show you what happens here in Brazil evan more bye and a big kiss…

  • Azzedine

    Hey Kim Kardashian!!

    I’m Azzedine, I am a 11 year old boy. I live in Holland. I’m a big fan of you, I follow you every day since I was 4. I will be very happy if you say something back.

    Bye Bye Bye Kimmieee!! <3 <3 <3

  • Jessi

    I am obsessed with you all and would love to meet you, we spend so much money getting all the stuff from America open a store here so we dont!

  • hope

    I live in France and I love your clothes yet no store to buy from! Please help because you cater for our african shapes! thanking you in advance…

  • leanne wilden

    hello kourtney kim khloe my name is Leanne and I live I Ipswich I was wondering I you gay have any Fragrance of your all together and khloe and lamar :) love you guy I all way watch your show it is really funny and I would love to see more of you guy xxxxxxx

  • Mary

    I would love to purchase a Dash keychain for my niece who just got her license. Please let me know. Thanking you for your assistance. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  • vanessa

    your dash collection is amazing I love you all and i’m a big fan I watch the tv show everytime it comes on, you guys are such a loving family, I wish I can just be like you all one day, I am a stay at home mom and my family is adorable, and yes family is what comes first, you guys inspirer me, my dream is to just meet you 3 girls all one day, that would just amazing, and my daughter shakira she thinks mason is just the cutest thing, she is a fan also and shes 5, I train her well, oh and did I say im writing you all from newfoundland, its so beautiful here, come meet your newfoundland fans, remember im your number 1, loves ya

  • Sheriii

    Hi Dash Girls:) My Name Is Sherilee! And I’m A Huge Fan Of Your Shows:D And I Absolutely Adore Your Clothes! I’m From South Africa And I Would Love It If You Guys Could Possibly Open Up A Dash Branch Here In The Future! I Can Assure You These South Africans Would Love It!! Keep Being The Beautiful Awesome People You Are:) Lots Of Love Sheri:)

  • Shellie Wiggin

    I love your collection and so does my daughter. I have ordered a item from Sears at have been treated awful about one of your pieces!! I ordered it December 9, 2013 was told order was processed and shipped December 10, 2013. Well I have been waiting 10 days now and after three emails and three phone calls they cancelled my order saying out of stock! Well it was in stock when I ordered it and what is sad is they admitted they lost my pkg but didn’t make good of anything, and my daughter wanted the moto jacket badly!!! So six days until Xmas and I have to figure out what I am gonna do!! This was her main gift so, we love your clothing but Sears is horrible!!! Customer Service needs some assistance!!

  • Whitney

    Just want to say congrats to Kim on your baby girl:-) I had my son in July of 2013, so I’m sharing your joy as a new mommy. Khloe, your a beautiful, strong woman and I admire you sooooo much. May God guide you through all your ups and downs. Kourtney your a great mom and a tough attribute to your family as well. Rob, hope 2014 brings more joy than sorrow. I love your show and adore the entire Kardashian family. I love what a unit you guys embody. Looking forward to January 19th!! Muah

  • Florah

    I simply just love your designs. From clothing to fragrance. You are doing a fantastic job. Have never tried any of your products since am halfway across the world (Kenya) though. I just visit your site and have a look at everything all the time. I respect and appreciate the work that you ladies do. You have earned everything. Lotsa love and respect. I admire Kim so much. She has made us ladieswho have a huge donk be comfortable in our own body. Thank you Kim. You inspire me alot.

  • Monica

    Just went to the Dash store for the first time in Miami, moved from Puerto Rico and I finally got to visit the store, love love. I would love to work there, hey love the fashion, customer service and the clothes are stunning. Exited for the season premiere today.

  • Donna

    Hi Kim and family my sister and I watches your show every night, my sister really don’t miss your show if she does, thank goodness it shows in the night, she just love you girls, you are doing a great job, I know this is not nice too say but I really wish I could be like you girls, you got it going on, we live in Florida North Port, but we are from the Island Barbados what about a store also in the Caribbean, I know you will rock there, we would love too meet you girls, you seem too be so nice and genuine, God bless you all

  • Cassy

    Hi Kim and family, I love your show its epic. Please could you put a DASH store Swansea, South Wales, United Kindom. So I can go shopping there please . Xxxx

  • charles van Rensburg

    Hi girls. Love your clothes line. Would like to open Dash stores in all the major cities of South Africa. I am not sure on your vision for the brand but I am sure it could be a good business opportunity.