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Kardashian Clothing

Kardashian Clothing has expanded into different price ranges. This is great news for fans of DASH and Kardashian Clothing. Until the launch of ShopDASHOnline, there are options for those who want to keep up with Kardashian Clothing.

The Kardashian Kollection by Sears offers a full line of Kardashian Clothing & Accessories. In addition to apparel, the Kardashian Kollection has a wide array of bath and beauty products. All of the Kardashian Kollection – Kardashian Clothing, Accessories, and Beauty products are available online through Sears. The Kollection segment of Kardashian Clothing is exclusive with Sears. Official DASH Kardashian clothing differs from Kardashian Kollection from Sears.

The next best bet is KDASH from QVC. KDASH has over 100 items that affiliated with and known as Kardashian Clothing, but exclusive and distributed by QVC. KDASH offers Dresses & Skirts, Jackets & Coats, Pants & Leggings, Purses & Handbags, Sweaters & Vests, and a wide variety of Tops & Blouses.

A worthy althernative in the search for Kardashian Clothing, is the “As Seen On” one of the Kardashians. Smaller boutiques often are the choice of style buy the Kardashians. Keep Up with their fashions with items that are known as “As Seen On”. Kardashian clothing is hard to find online, but they shop too! Check out some of their styles. Official DASH branded items are only available at DASH boutique stores.

Kardashian Clothing – As Seen On

Every month the Kardashian Clothing line is expanding. Soon, with the launch of ShopDASHOnline – You will finally be able to order Kardashian Clothing direct from DASH via the internet. Until then there are several options for 2012 and beyond. The styles As Seen On the Kardashians are a nice selection of apparel and accessories offered by Singer 22. These fashions are true Kardashian style as seen in the pictures. Boutique2You also has some nice items seen on the Kardashian sisters.

Kim Kardashian Shoes by JustFab

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32 thoughts on “Kardashian Clothing

  • Amber Wilson

    You ladies are absoulutely beautiful! Definitely an ispiration to many out there. I love your style and strong will to succeed. Keep up the good work :))

  • Jessica

    I am ur absolute biggest fan I love all of ur clothes and would love to see u one day I love all three of u and would one day hope to come to ur new dash store in London xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • caroline

    i brought a top from the kardashian range and this morning i burnt a hole in top and i need to replace it as love this top but finding it hard to find it anywhere please help

  • Karen

    I have also bought from QVC. Even a piece from Kris. Always have been pleased. There is no web site now but is planned. Can’t wait.

  • Danielle Simic

    LOVE you guys heaps! Love the Bags but thats all we can get out here in Australia please open up here soon, your store would go off!!!!!

  • Kayla

    Hey Khloe, Kim ,and Kourtney just wanted to say I love your clothing and your tv show im a big of you guys and I also wanted to let you know that you inspire and keep up the great hard work

  • Laura Judge

    hey I would love to shop at Dash online how much longer do we need to wait because where I live in the UK there is no DASH stores only in London and thats like 5 hours away so please hurry up and get the online store running I would love outfits like Kim, Kourtney and Khloes :)

  • Laura Judge

    hey I would love to shop at Dash online how much longer do we need to wait because where I live in the UK there is no DASH stores only in London and thats like 5 hours away so please hurry up and get the online store running I would love outfits like Kim, Kourtney and Khloes :)

  • Lorena

    I’m 5’9 & assume Kloe is tall also. Why do you not make pants for tall girls? My inseam is 34 & shopping makes it hard.

  • claudia mutphy

    hi girls I am your biggest ever fan I love everything you do I am only 9 I wish I could see you all in person love you Claudia

  • Donna Scott

    I am not one to write to celebrities,but I thought it might be helpful to let you know it’s a little difficult to get to the site for the dash store where you purchase the clothes first you go through looks t be all this family stuffing a kind of busy and want to see the clothes.But thanks for the entertainment every week and letting us in remember to thyn own self be true God Bless Thank You Donna Scott

  • Sheila

    I love your brand! Here’s a suggestion though, what about designing some clothes to fit the petite? I know you ladies are tall, but some of us are pretty short… Shorter dresses, & pants?

  • Shaveen

    I know you won’t read this or give a crap about it. But I wanted to say I love the kardashian family and always will. You are my inspiration. All you always have ups and downs but never be mad at each other. Just beautiful. Your amazing how you treat people so nicely I hope you guise have the best life ever. Just keep swimming

  • Shaveen

    Please open an store in Virginia I would love to shop. Maybe even opening a kids store. I know this is a lot but you can do it. Just be strong beautiful

  • Becky Schmitt

    omg, I am a farm girl, like pull tits for a living, milk cows girl. and loo ve looove love you girls! love your energy, life, style, and family. b.c my family is cray cray too….Im a banker in love with business and fashion. would love always love to meet you guys. also as a former and still trackie, runner, would love to meet Bruce and Rob, love you.
    love ya’ll Becky Schmitt from Iowa!!! farmers daughter…ya know what they say bout the farmers daughter…lol. love BEX