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The DASH Clothing Boutique began in 2006 D-A-S-H in Calabasas, California. This Original DASH in LA was very popular and considered not-mainstream and chic. Due to the exploding popularity of the hit reality-TV series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” things soon began to change. Business increased and additional Boutiques were opened. DASH Miami was opened in 2009 and more recently DASH New York opened for business in 2010. All three stores have been very popular, meaning great success in retail.

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DASH Clothing By The Kardashian

There are several flavors of clothing by Kardashian name available on the market. D-A-S-H brand, is the recognized name of the Kardashian Boutiques called DASH. The products in these physical locations (There is currently no online website to buy DASH clothing from the boutiques) are higher end designs. Typically, DASH fashions are different from what is available online.

Since 2009, the Kardashian brand has branched out into national clothing stores, both online and offline. The K-DASH line is promoted heavily on QVC by Kim Kardashian on a regular basis. This line is a QVC exclusive. DASH by Kardashian is available in the form of KDASH (QVC only) and Kardashian Kollection recently offered by Sears. Both offshoots of DASH – Kardashian Clothing are available online.

DASH Clothing Stores

DASH clothing is HOT! Unfortunately, you must visit a DASH store in person to buy DASH clothing. Recently, DASH stores have had a bit of a makeover. DASH Miami has moved to a new location right in the heart of South Beach Miami! DASH LA during this same time period has been through an extensive remodel after moving from the original Calabasas location to the Melrose Avenue store.

Many of the designers that the Kardashian sisters are fans of offer fashions you can buy online. Prices range from budget conscious Kollection to top end designers. Keep up with the Kardashians fashion and shop online!

  • Kim Kardashian Clothes
  • Kourtney Kardashian Clothes
  • Khloe Kardashian Clothes
  • Kendall and Kylie Clothes
  • Kris Jenner Clothing

What is in store for DASH New York? Have to wait and see, so Keep Up! DASH clothing will soon be available online and we will keep you posted! Sign up for our email list to Keep Up with DASH clothing online!

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135 thoughts on “DASH Clothing

  • Thuy Vu

    I am a fashion designer and was wondering if I can send you some sketches to see if you wanted to add different designs to your company. Please email me

    Thank you,

  • parvinder

    Hello, ladys just watching your tv program as am writing this text
    Am based in england uk i will be visting miami very soon this year am looking to do some business in the clothing indus..



  • Valiishu

    hello I love your clothes and of course the kardashians think are incredible with your store, I hope to someday go to Miami or LA to know them also greetings from chile the master

  • Jomana

    Hello, I love your show. I love your whole family, I would love to get a chance to go to one of your dash stores. Will you be opening one in The Michigan area. I would love to me all of you guys. I hope it’s really you guys replying not someone that works for you. That would be nice to hear from any of you. God bless you all, take care. Oh one more thing I always tell my husband I would love to have u guys over for dinner I am from the middle east and is a great cook.

    • KeepingUp Post author

      That is very kind of you to offer. No immediate plans for DASH store in Michigan, but you never know what the future holds!

  • catrina bottoms

    we need a store close to texas or in texas girls plz!!! love the show and want to buy some more of ya’lls clothes got all the clothes all made for the stores like sears and now need more so i want to shop at ya’lls store but we dont have one and i cant do it online so maybe some time soon or with in the year just throwing that out there

  • Melissa

    Wish you would open a DASH store at the Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City, Mo. Love the show and the cloths at Sears. Would love to be able to shop in your store!!!

  • Adrianna G.

    You know i love the Kardashians, But I’m from Texas and I went to California on vacation and my last stop was your store because y’all didn’t open it until my last day on the 13th! I waited an hour in a half just to get in and bring it back to Texas. But what I’m trying to get at is y’all need to make y’alls stuff available to purchase online for all the people who don’t just live in NYC, Miami, and California. It would be lovely if y’all did because I would be buy from y’all all the time, and I’m sure a bunch of other people would too!
    Just a suggestion hopefully y’all think about it, Because it sure would be nice to own some Kardashian clothing!
    Please Please Please think about this! Thank you.

  • Megan

    Love the way you guys dress. Love your show. Love you. I so wish you would open a store in the uk. Dash is an amazing store and would be amazing to have a Dash here in the uk. Will you be on twitter anytime soon. I love reading your updates and such an huge fan x

  • Cali

    Hey, I’m from the UK and watching you on keeping up with the kardashians/ khloe and lamar/ kourtney and khloe take to miama is my religion!
    Are you ever going to have a store in the UK? :) I’d be a regular shopper.
    Much love Coco

  • tootie fruityyyyy

    I think that the kardashians are alright people. I mean khloe is the only one that really reaches out to this world for hunger, chairity and a few others. The other ones are obsessed with what society wants them to look like ;

  • s

    Really. I have navigated through this site for about 5 minutes and I can’t find the CLOTHES!!! I am not interested in ALL these pictures of the Kardashians, why can’t the website actually do what its suppose to do and sell clothes and not the women. Geez…no thanks.

  • Megaan

    Hey dolls,
    We desperatly need a Dash store in the UK. You would get lots of business here. There are huge amount of Kardashian fans here. When will online shopping be available?

  • lilitarakelyan

    I love u all Kim Kardashian u all my favorite I love your show enjoying every day I love the store dash all awesome n i lov ur stile ..

  • arame diop kébé

    my name is arame I am from Sénégal(Africa) I Love you a lot I am watching everyday your emission on E I am real fan and I want have your phone number please And I will be so happy to invite you in Sénégal hope that I will receive your answer soon.KISS

  • Surprisingly Disappointed

    I haven’t been to the store (yet) and I typically do my research before investing in any company. I know you ladies are on TV & all but I was highly disappointed in the lack of branding on your website. With all the money you make and the level of “expectation” you set for yourselves I was anticipating your brand to be more consistent. This website is very…blah! I’m SO not impressed.

  • Emma

    To Suprisingly Disappointed, your either a hater or just jealous ? LOL

    Kourtney Kim & Khloe have amazing & Neat style, all to die for. My Sister’s and I absolutely love yous. Dash is an Awesome store, i ain’t kissing ass, just being straight up <3 yous all..ps Bruce n Kris are Great parents Big fan of Them XO

  • Jacob Rasmussen

    Hello Dash!
    How are things going? I’m a local new york artist and in my free time I have stumbled into your manhattan store several times. I am a branding partner of Swarovski crystal north America and incorporate there elements into my works of art. I would love to make a piece for free for your New York store. Is there any way I could speak to a manager or the owner about this topic. I am open to sending samples and other various information on my works of art upon request.

    All the best,
    your New York friend

  • Libby

    Hi Kardashian sisters I am a massive fan of your entire family. I live in Australia and would love if there was an online store. Hopefully I can travel over to USA sometime to visit one of your stores it would be amazing. Wishing you all the best xx

  • Karolina

    hi girls, I love you, your show and your family.. but most of everything I love your clothes ;) is there any chance to have dash store in Poland, Europe? that would be sooooooo cool ;] hugs and kisses to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe ;***

  • Njah kelvin Tamo

    Hi to Dash
    I am one of your biggest fan in Cameroon in Africa and i am thinking you guys can make my dreams come true watching you on TV makes me to dream alot i have an idea that could be very important to you just get back to me and i will let the cat out of the bag i cannot make it public.
    Keep on with your good work and God will give you guys long life and properity in your shop stay bless.

  • Shannen

    I love your Show, I watch every single one of them every day, Kim your figure is amazing, I useto always feel self conscious with my figure as I useto always think I had a huge ass and small every where else, but when I’m compared to you it makes me so flattered, you guys are amazing, keep filming and hurry with online shopping I can’t wait to buy clothes from dash, super excited now, take care ladies and behave :)

  • Alexandria Reyes

    i love you guys soooo much. you guys are my inspiration. i am trying to do my own clothing line as well. it would be soo great if i can get some opinions from you girls. i love fashion and like i said i am doing this because this is something i want to pursue…you guys are soooo AWESOME<3

  • Nicole

    It’s not that easy just to ‘pop’ up a new store in another location or just ‘create’ an online shop, it takes more than just money. Obviously the Kardashians’ would want the most success for their DASH brand and stores, and they are as committed as they possibly can be. I’m sure expansion is in the works for DASH, as we have seen in the past, but give it time. They aren’t magicians who can just click their fingers and pop up shops all around the globe ! Just saying…

    Sending LOVE all the way from AUSTRALIA xxx

  • Melanie

    The problem with making your items from the boutique available online it makes the things less unique and valuable. Fortunately, we live in SD and we travel up there for auditions, but I would rather pay more for something that less people have, rather than less to see everyone wearing what I just bought. You guys are so popular across the world (for good reason) and people will buy what you wear. Something to think about. :)
    Good Luck to all of you and God Bless!

  • benson

    hi girls. i love you guys so much. u guys r my insparation i would love to meet you guys. i leave in africa namibia. and would love to make big plans with you guys.

  • Bree simpson

    I love you girls, can’t wait I’m coming to the LA DASH store from Australia next year. Also I can’t wait for DASH store online. X

  • paige greenwalt

    So im a huge fan. Ive looked up to you guys a lot. But I just cant seem to get it right. So can you guys please help me be girly.

  • Donita

    I would just like to say i love your show. I love the fact that you all stick together. I would also like to say congrats Ms. Kim on your new bundle of joy. I would like to know will have a dash store opening in Chicago anytime soon.

  • Chikis!

    Oh my God! I have a perfect idea…you ladies should look into opening a DASH Panama. That would be fabulous♥ And online shopping also♡

  • Grace Verpile

    I have an idea for a new handbag , not seen out there yet . I’d like to get it out in the market if you accept to do it with me . We could make lots of money . Regards . Grace

  • Shyra

    Hey girls,
    I love your shows. I can’t wait to visit a dash store. Your clothing lines are amazing. I was wondering if maybe you guys had some tips for me. I just had a baby boy and I am trying to get my makeup to look like kourtneys she is a beautiful mom and I want to feel that beautiful as well. If you know any tips or what kind of makeup to use please let me know.
    Love you girls!!

  • keren

    Hey guys whats up from nyc.I love your tv show keeping up with the kardashians and your store.Im so excitied for the dash website to be up soon.

  • Berkeley Scott

    I’m a painter and recently have been published in New York Spaces Magazine. I’d love to speak with you about creating certain designs for dresses, tops, hoodies, and men’s V-neck’s. I’ve attached my website above.

  • Alina

    Hey Girly’s
    I love ur clothes and show,i saw u in Westfield in west london not to long ago and i know u have a clothing range in Debenhams but will u be bringing a dash store to london anytime soon?Business would be great here,everyyyyone loves y’all

  • Tameika

    Hello, im such a fan and im from Australia Melbourne and im heading to America in July can not wait im soo excited and i wanna go to the dash store when im there looking forward it to it

  • Adrianna

    Aw i was hoping to do some online shopping, first time on the site. Hopefully soon! I live in Wisconsin would love to buy some clothes from DASH sometime!
    Love n peace n frybread grease! Lol #native problems :-)

  • Brittany

    I love the Dash store! I can’t wait until I come visit in miami! You three are my idles! I watch the show every Sunday night! I hope one day I can meet you three dolls!

  • Lauren

    Will you guys be opening up any stores in Wisconsin or Minnesota, maybe in the mall of America? We are not your general area but a lot of people would love to have a store up here! Also the mall is huge and would bring in a lot of business. :)

  • Tonya

    I love y’all!!!!! Klo keep ur head up! Ur a great wife n God mom to mason. We all need haters in our lives can’t wait till kim has the baby n kourt ur super great n a wonderful mom! Miss mr.Rob haven’t saw much I need them socks for the hubster

  • aydee

    hola… chicas kardashian, no he tenido la oportunidad de estar en sus tiendas DASH, sera un gusto y espero sea pronto. soy MEXICANA, del estado de YUCATAN del PUERTO DE DZILAM DE BRAVO. estoy fascinada con el programa de la TV. Me recuerdan mucho a mi FAMILIA. desde aqui les mando XOXOSSSSS. SALUDOSS.

  • angelina pusillo

    i have a girl quetion were can i ask you guys dont know if you got my last comment but i would like khole to answer my quetion she like a 2 mother to me because shes so open please call me

  • Loraine Palmeira

    Good morning,I wanted to say your store in L.A. was just wonderful, we were there on vacation last week from Boston,Ma..and trust me is was nice to get away from all the problems we had the week before. I just want to say Steph was just great she helped me with several items,which I bought a beautiful sweater and the long sleeve DASH shirt..a few small things for my girls at work..I think I’m still high from my visit..the day I went was rainy and cold , but was the best day of vacation..I have posted my pictures on FB..so just to say thank you thank you for making my vacation GREAT..

  • Loraine Palmeira

    Good morning,I wanted to say your store in L.A. was just wonderful, we were there on vacation last week from Boston,Ma..and trust me is was nice to get away from all the problems we had the week before. I just want to say Steph was just great she helped me with several items,which I bought a beautiful sweater and the long sleeve DASH shirt..a few small things for my girls at work..I think I’m still high from my visit..the day I went was rainy and cold , but was the best day of vacation..I have posted my pictures on FB..so just to say thank you thank you for making my vacation GREAT..<3

  • Linda Joyce

    Hello, I’m coming to New York City for the first time next week, huge fan of your show, etc….one of my goals during my week’s vacation is to visit the Dash Store, my daughter is also a huge fan and has requested for me to bring her back a DASH T-Shirt, happy shopping coming up in the Dash Store…..Cheers, Linda – Vancouver, B.C., Canada!!!

  • Cassie Kruse

    Have you guys ever thought about doing a maternity line, or a line for post baby figures. I am dying to find a swim suit that covers all the stretch marks. I have lost most of the baby weight but as you girls know it still leaves some of your skin not in bikini shape. If you have any suggestions also that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mom who still wants to feel hot in a swim suit. LOL!

  • leyla kardashian

    i have SOOOO much stuff from the Kardashian Kollection… i am soo blessed to liive near westfields in london and i always go to Dorothy Perkins…. but it would be sooooo AWESOME if there was a kardashian Khaos here in london too. xxx BTW i love the Kardashians

  • emma

    i love the clothes and your family!! i wish we could buy any of the clothes but 1: i have no idea how much it costs but we probably couldn’t afford it
    2: we live in Washington and would love to go to the store but can’t. military and broke.
    it would be awesome to meet you guys!! if you could come over to seattle that would be AWESOME!! me and my mom would LOVE to see you in person. you guys are HIGHLARIOUS and its weird. My older sister is just like Kim my other older sister is just like Khloe-sorry if i spelt your name wrong- and i am just like kourtney!! we really would want to met you and i love the store. – just wanted to say all of that!!

  • valerie buras

    I wish ya’ll would open a dash in new Orleans!! I love the clothes I see when ya’ll show some on your show!! please please come to new orleans

  • yvonne

    hi to kris your amazing but robs idea of dash in london was 100% right when is it going to happen everyone is waiting for this,omg its so right for london somewhere near Harrods knightsbridge would be ideal tips from jamie & co (made in chelsea) & the t-shirt guy we are all waiting??? bring a sixpack and the hot jenner boy you can do it rob we all saw how fit you were come on mum love yr husband he is so so rounded

  • Nicola

    Hi Dash,

    Love your store! Has any of ladies tried Sizers? I have trouble getting shoes to fit and wondered if you have tried this product and what you thought?

  • Rob

    you may want to reconsider your mother Kris as a manager…not selling DASH online is hurting your business…most of your viewers are not in the DASH cluster…wow….really not smart….sure Kim is the project manager on this…

  • Beatriz

    Hey there, love the store, i’m waiting for u to open one dash store in Lisbon, I mean , portuguese girls love fashion and the kardashian, and we totally need these store here in Portugal

  • shantelle

    I love the Kardashians, all sisters have great style love your collection especially the prices nice and affordable. I am from England (London) and would love to see a Dash store in Oxford Circus West End I believe it would be a big hit as we love kardashians in England. I like the way all lady’s are independent business women like myself, anyone with anything negative to say has no life the Kardashians rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne

    Hi girls. I love, love, you all and your tv show and of course your style. Can’t wait to shop online.
    Please please, consider a store in London as I’m a uk girl.

  • Elizabeth Gonzales

    Hi I been trying to call the dash store I want a swimsuit so bad from there but I live in Texas -.- Can I get it shipped over here Lol I don’t got time to go there I go to a university I don’t care how much it is to get it shipped

  • Beatriz Duarte

    i want to express my interest in opening a new Dash Boutique in México City through a franchise or ANOTHER vehicle that Youtube may propose. We arte Grupo Carso, the largest industrial and retail grupo in our country that is in the process of developing a new high end retail center. This new center will be a destination for quality oriented shoppers and will have the best best retail names. Dash Boutique would be a vital addition to the center. Mr. Carlos Slim the Chairman of Grupo Carso shares this conviction. Pleas contact me and let me know your answered.

  • Jacelyn Flores

    Hello I was trying to look at your clothing line and was not able to shop since I don’t live in N.Y… If you can email me right email to your store thank you and have a great one